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Name: Jose Rodriguez

Location: - España


By registering at PreImpact you agree to the following terms, conditions and Limitations of liability:


1. PreImpact is not a trading company or organization of any kind. PreImpact does not sell any products and / or services.

2. PreImpact is a digital tool that supports the conformation of Social groups that provide mutual support within the Principles of Collaborative Community which are the generation of trust and

The sense of unity and mutual support among its participants

3. The PreImpact tool is not a business nor is it allowed to present as such, It is not investment nor is it allowed to present as such, it does not offer nor gives yield Not receive, trade or transfer any currency of any kind.

4. PreImpact does not guarantee any type of result because the Results depend exclusively on their participants, their ability to Organization, understanding of the tool and its fundamentals

For their effective implementation and individual and collective benefit.



5. From the moment the participant participates by making a donation, the program enables him to receive donations from other people. OF THE EXCHANGE INSTRUMENTS

6. The PreImpact system uses a single exchange instrument to The collaborative support: the Bitcoin (unit of criptomoneda) in the Collaborative Network. . The amounts of Bitcoin are given exclusively as a donation only between the participants. There are no commercial transactions, no debtors or creditors. Nor is there Commercial transactions between the participants and PreImpact

7. You understand that all Bitcoin donations will be Made under the conditions and procedures established in PreImpact and in each of its components.

8. You understand that all donations from Bitcoin are made directly Donors through the Blockchain or Coinbase gateways with which the Backoffice of each participant, and that any problem should be addressed With your respective bitcoin account provider.



9. Access to PreImpact is done through the linking link of a Active participant or in case of not having an active participant Through the page that will assign you Automatic position in the Collaborative Network.

10. When you have completed the complete donation process of Bitcoin indicated in the Registration Module, the System automatically generates the linking link and is enabled to receive donations.

11 A participant through his linking link can enter Unlimited new members to the program.




13. PreImpact does not receive Bitcoin values to be transferred to the participants. PreImpact merely provides the mechanism Transfer of such donations to those Wallets of Bitcoin of the participants.

14. The unique value of the donation of each participant throughout his stay in this Collaborative Community is 0.003 BTC, which will be transferred at the time of registration to another active donor.

PreImpact provides the operation of the platform, without This means that half a commercial or service contract of any kind Between the participant and the PreImpact tool.



15. At the backoffice of each participant, the System will The addresses of the Bitcoin wallets to the Which donations must be made according to the level of each phase, it will also indicate the BTC address.

16. When you have completed the complete Bitcoin transaction process Indicated in the Registration and / or Validation Module, the System generates Automatically the linking link and is fully enabled in the System.



 17. PreImpact shall in no case be liable for any alleged damages Due to total or partial absence of expected and / or projected results, loss Interruption of the system, lack of ability to use it, use of

Related websites or the materials or information contained in Any of these sites, whether by warranty, contract, tort or any other Other legal theory and with or without notice of the possibility of such damages. If the use of Materials or information on this site results in the need for Maintenance, repair or correction of equipment or data, you assume your Costs.

18. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall any person Involved in the creation, production or distribution of this platform Virtual, shall be liable for direct, indirect, incidental,

Special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use This service, and all the files and software contained within it, Including the information obtained through this service; Whichever results from Errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or mail Electronic, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, or Any failure of system technical performance, communications, theft, Destruction or unauthorized access to our records or programs.




 19. The participant agrees that PreImpact may add or remove Characteristics and modify any functionality of the platform, Or make changes to the system without prior notice.

20. PreImpact may revise these Terms & Conditions in any Update this publication. You must visit This page from time to time to review the current Terms in that Moment as they are binding for you. Some provisions of these Terms may be replaced by notices or terms Expressed in particular pages on this website.

21. PreImpact may terminate without prior notice and in its sole discretion, Any person belonging to the system of person whom it considers has incurred Breach of this agreement or abuse or misuse the Tool, harassing the other members or system administrator (s) In any form.

22. PreImpact will remain on the web at the service of citizens free of World until other collaborative financial tools To make it obsolete.

23. When this happens, its creators and / or operators may not be declared Responsible for any loss whatsoever for any of the Active or non-active participants.

 24. By accepting these Terms & Conditions necessary for your Participation in the PreImpact tool does not mean that PreImpact is Signing any contract with you that obliges you to comply with Any condition.

25. PreImpact is an online tool and any citizen of the world You can make use of it, respecting these Terms& Conditions and legal regulations of each country where the

Participant is operating it.

26. You agree to defend and hold harmless ImpactBitc, its creators, Operators, telecommunications providers and agents, from and against Any and all claims, actions, losses, liabilities,

Expenses, costs, or demands, including, without legal and accounting expenses Of limitation, of all direct, indirect, and / or consequential damages

Resulting from or allegedly resulting from its misuse or the impossibility of Use of the Website, or by circumstance of any nature whatsoever

Affected the operation of ImpactBitc.

27. No one may access this site or use its platform unless he or she Has signed this Terms & Conditions Agreement. This Needs to be a physical signature, since the electronic acceptance of this agreement Is permitted by the laws of different jurisdictions, such as the signature Electronic commerce in the National Commerce Law (E-Sign Act) and Global and Legislation. Their agreement with this Agreement is expressed Adoption of any act demonstrating its same. You are required to click or click a button that contains The words "I agree" or a similar syntax. You should understand

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